About us


About us

The company WEIGLA e. K. was founded in 2002 from the holder Günter Gläser. Our goal was to manufacturing light arches in old tradition and thereby combine decades of tradition with our handicraft.

Our company WEIGLA e. K. is located in Deutschneudorf at the heart of the Ore Mountains. Light arches are bound in a season – especially at Christmas time. Therefore in our overall concept we came to the decision to get more involved in further areas of manufacturing light arches. With our experiences and knowhow we developed new useable products.

Our new developments are a year-round eyecatcher for tradefairs or showrooms, hotels, restaurants, bars or for private households.

Mr. Weinhold and Mr. Gläser our developers established since 2012 a totally new connection of wood with Plexiglas® (acrylic) with new creations which inspire us at the beginning and now our customers. So our customers receive an always timeless and elegant though in the implementation totally new presentation.

Our brand name weigla®

The brand weigla® consist of the two last names Weinhold “Wei” & Gläser “gla”.  The brand stays for the design of Mr. Weinhold and Mr. Gläser. With the name the new business idea was born – manufacturing of light arches or rather Plexiglas@-lights in connection with wood and timeless subjects for the whole year. Of course the company Günter Gläser Leuchtenherstellung doesn’t forget the old traditions. Under the brand weigla® it manufactures and develops light arches in old traditional form and also new design.


For our subject lamps and the modern LED light arches we use high-quality fluorescent PLEXIGLAS®. Sustainability is an integral part of this acrylic glass.
Amongst others it is:

  • Free of heavy metals (for example cadmium, mercury)
  • Free of asbestos, formaldehyde, CFC, PCB

PLEXIGLAS® wird umweltverträglich in zertifizierten Werken hergestellt (Qualitätsnorm DIN EN ISO 9001, Umweltzertifikat DIN EN ISO 14001)

Additional to the known and proven features like:

  • Excellent light transmission and shine
  • Easy processability
  • Low weight – half weight of glass
  • Eleven times unbreakably than glass
  • 100 % recyclable

Fluorescent Plexiglas® has the following special features:

  • Fluorescent coloring that means UV and blue light converted in colored light
  • Because of the use from high-quality fluorescent dye it becomes a durability and high light output
  • Because of the light output at transparent types the result is a self-illuminating effect at the edges and groove with ambient light


We are certified



The LED light arches “Seiffen” and “Bethlehem” got the “Sonderpreis der Erzgebirgssparkasse” for “Tradition & Form”!

vorschau_urkunde-tradition-formUrkunde (PDF)