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Return Policy

You have the right to revoke this contract within 14 days without any reasons. The revocation period is 14 days from that day on when you received the goods.
To make use of the return policy you have to inform us

Inhaber Günter Gläser
Deutschkatharinenberg 23
09548 Deutschneudorf
Phone: 0049 (0)37368 12680
Telefax: 0049 (0)37368 1268029

via a clear explanation (for example with a letter, telefax or E-Mail) about your decision to revoke this contract.  Please find attached the exemplary return policy form which you can use. You can also fill out and convey the return policy form at our website If you use this opportunity we will send you a confirmation via E-Mail about the receipt of the revoke immediately. For protection of the revocation period it is good enough to send the return policy within this revocation period.

Consequences of the revocation
After you revoked this contract and we received it, we have to pay back the payment within 14 days which we got from you incl. the delivery costs (except for the additional costs, because you preferred a other delivery system like we offered you). For the repayment we use the same payment method which you used at the originally transaction, unless we arranged explicit something else with you. We will not charge you extra fee for the repayment.
We can refuse the repayment until we get our goods back or you provide evidence that you sent back the goods. You have to send us back the goods at the same day when we got the revocation form from you, no later than 14 days. The deadline is maintained if you send the goods within the expiration of 14 days. You support the costs for the return of the goods. You just have to pay for possible deterioration of the goods when we examine that the state, features and functionality of the goods is due to your dealing.